County Business Cultivator – Cynthia Peters – May 14

cynthiapetersCynthia Peters, chef and owner of From the Farm Cooking School, joins us May 14 to explore the many benefits of partnering with other businesses to create a special event or offer a special service.

Creating events or services partnerships can be relatively simple to plan and implement, and so is particularly suited to small businesses and sole proprietorships. From her wealth of experience, Cynthia will share many examples of events she has participated in or initiated in partnership with another business. We are certain you will find some great ideas to jumpstart your own business, and stimulate new approaches to reach new markets, enhance your brand, and grow sales.

Join us for potluck at 6:30. Introductions begin at 7:15 and Cynthia’s presentation will run until 9, including time for small breakout groups to brainstorm partnering ideas. At 9 we’ll have time for 3 people to make a 5 minute pitch on their business or business-to-be and receive 5 minutes of feedback. Sign up on the Facebook page or email Jane Macdonald or Peta Shelton directly.

The County Business Cultivator is a group of women doing business (or thinking about it) in the County and beyond and we participate in this group to discover opportunities, discuss ideas, and share resources, in a supportive, informal setting. 

We meet the second Wednesday of the month, at Hillier Hall. The meetings are free of charge, open to all women in the County and beyond and are sponsored by the Recreation Committee at Hillier Hall.

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