Hello everyone,

By now I think all of you are aware the ceiling at Hillier Hall is under repair. And I think you’ve all heard Hillier Rec Committee’s vision for the Hall – to offer cultural programming in the Hall and teach healthy cooking in the kitchen and garden.

We’ve requested the County to install a theatre lighting grid and three fly hooks for a circus camp this summer run by an internationally performing company. The Hillier Rec has $6,200 in fund-raised money to kick in.

So far, our request has been turned down, and so we’ve asked the County to meet up at the Hall to discuss the technical details of the proposal and address the County’s concerns. This afternoon we were invited to meet on Wednesday.

If you could be at the meeting at Hillier Hall at 4 PM tomorrow, Wednesday 11 March, it would show the County that some people think live performances and a summer camp for kids at Hillier Hall is an idea worth listening to.

If you can’t join us this time, stay tuned for updates!

If you need an update, search wellingtontimes.ca for coverage.

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